Course Outline

English Language for IT and Business

Course Objectives: The ultimate goal of the course is to provide a solid English Language foundation for those who want to build up their career in the world of Information Technology. Importantly, the course has been designed into two parts: foundation (Grammar) and English for IT & Business. In the foundation part; we will try to cover the basics of English Grammar from the course book “English Grammar in Use” by Raymond Murphy and in the second part; we will try to cover contemporary IT and Business based materials through Power Point Slides, Videos, Vocabularies, Phrases and Excretions with practical examples. Moreover, we will try our level best to make the class enjoyable through lots of fun, surprise quizzes, presentations, role play, debate etc. and the participation of all the members of the class will be given outmost priority.
Lecture No. Topics Duration Home Work
Part-01: Foundation 4 weeks Topics Based
Lec-01 Present, Past and Future Tenses 2 hours Unit-(1-25) All Topics and Exercise
Lec-02 Modals 2 Hours Unit- (26-36) ……….
Lec-03 Conditionals and ‘Wish’ 2 hours Unit-(37-40) ……….
Lec-04 Passive Sentences 2 Hours Unit- (41-45) ……….
Lec-05 Reported Speech, Questions and Auxiliary Verbs 2 hours Unit- (46-51) ………
Lec-06 -ing and the infinitive 2 Hours Unit- (52-67) ………
Lec-07 Articles and Nouns 2 hours Unit- (68-80) ………
Lec-08 Pronouns and Determiners 2 Hours Unit- (81-90) ………
Lec-09 Relative Clauses 2 hours Unit- (91-96) ………
Lec-10 Adjectives and Adverbs 2 Hours Unit- (97-111) …….
Lec-11 Conjunctions 2 hours Unit- (112-119) ……
Lec-12 Prepositions 2 Hours Unit- (120-136) ……
Part-02: English for IT & Business 8 Weeks Topics Based
Lec-13 Handle informal and formal introductions, write a personnel profile, describe work duties and job positions 2 hours Write about yourself within 500words
Lec-14 Speak appropriately on the phone, taking and leaving messages, using professional telephone language 2 Hours IT & Business Based Vocabularies
Lec-15 Discuss history of a company and products, Present a company – facilities, departments, strengths, Exchange information about products, dimensions 2 hours IT & Business Based Vocabularies
Lec-16 Understand and use basic socializing and chatting language, 2 Hours IT & Business Based Vocabularies
Lec-17 Set up and participate in meetings--actions, suggestions, decisions, problem solving 2 hours IT & Business Based Vocabularies
Lec-18 Demonstrate appropriate letter writing skills– enquiries, orders, confirmations and Parts of a Business Letter 2 Hours IT & Business Based Vocabularies
Lec-19 Powerful Presentation Skills 2 hours IT & Business Based Vocabularies
Lec-20 Fill out application forms and conducting emails 2 Hours IT & Business Based Vocabularies
Lec-21 CV and Cover Letter writing 2 hours Write Your Own CV and Submit in the class
Lec-22 Basics of Interviews and how face interviews efficiently 2 Hours IT & Business Based Vocabularies
Lec-23 Listening Practice 2 hours Listening Materials
Lec-24 Listening Practice 2 Hours Listening Materials